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Join the campaign to rid the Internet of racism

For example, hosts a number of racist web sites such as ForbiddenIdiots. We have repeatedly requested to shut down racist and homophobic sites, with no success.

The also has a list of 'success stories'; that is, big companies whose sites are hosted by ( Some of these companies are listed below along with their CEOs, etc..

We ask you write an e-mail to all the companies on the "customer success stories" list (see below) to point out that they are sharing a host with racist and homophobic sites and that is not good for their public image and business. The e-mail should recommend that shut down the Forbidden Idiots site along with all other racist web sites or lose their business. An example of a letter is posted below.

Please join our campaign and write an e-mail of your own to the companies on the list (please see below). It is more effective to write your own e-mail, but a template e-mail is posted below. Address the e-mail to a senior official in these companies and notify them that being hosted on a server that also hosts racist material is bad for their corporate image and, in turn, business.

If they answer that they don't care or don't want to get involved, then you might want to point out that we will bring the issue to public awareness, and their company will be associated with an irresponsible internet service provider.

Please be sure to copy the e-mail to info@stopracism and

Thank you for your help making the web a better place.


Template E-mail:

Dear xxxxx

I am writing to inform you that your website is currently hosted by an Internet Service Provider ( that also hosts racist and anti-semitic websites. This includes the websites "", "" and "". These websites promote violence against Jews, blacks, homosexuals and other groups.

You can verify this information by entering the IP address of the server hosting these websites ( into which will show you all the websites listed on that server and their IP address. You can then click on the WHOIS button next to each website listed to view the registration information. All the domains (websites) are registered to a Denise and a company called and hosted on

We have taken great pains to notify your Internet Service Provider, that they are presently hosting racist websites and have received no satisfactory response. The next step will be to make the information about public and to list those comapnies and businesses that share the same host.

I am sure you will realize the great embarrassment and potential cost of your assocation with racist websites by virtue of a common host and it is for this reason we are notifying you directly. I suggest that you contact your Internet Provider ( for an explanation of the assocation between and these hateful websites. If you are not satisfied with the explanation, I would hope that you take immediate steps to change your service provider.

Please note that this is not a freedom-of-speech issue; as a private company, is free to set their own terms and conditions of service content. Responsible companies and businesses must decide if the's Terms and Conditions of Service meets their ethical and business standards.

You may contact the under-signed for further information.



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