Section 13 Human Rights Complaints and Results

Canadian Human Rights Section 13 Complaints

The following are a few examples of s. 13 human rights complaints. They are provided for educational purposes as an example of how to make a complaint regarding hate on the Internet - cyberhate. Some of the result of these complaints are posted below and some can be found at the Canadian Human Rights Commission website.

1. Northern Alliance and Jason Ouwendyk

2. and Alexandro Di Civita

3. Terry Tremaine

Terry Tremaine

4. Canadian Heritage Alliance and Melisa Guille

Melisa Guille and Paul Fromm

Melisa Guille left, Fredrick Paul Fromm right. See Fredrick Paul Fromm and Ontario College of Teachers below.

5. Glen Bahr and Western Canada for Us

Glenn Bahr and Nathan Touchette.jpg

6. Peter Kouba

7. Jessica Beaumont

Jessica Beaumont

8. Abrams and B'nai Brith v. Topham and "Radical Press"

Results of Sec. 13 Complaints

The following are some examples of the results of S. 13 complaints. They are provided for educational purposes.

1. John Ross Taylor

1. Bill Harcus and the Manitoba Knights of the KKK

1. Tony McAleer and the Canadian Liberty Net

Tony McAleer

Tony McAleer handcuffed

2. Charles Scott and the Church of Jesus Christ in Israel - Aryan Nations

3. Ernst Zundel Samisdat

4. Warman and CHRC v. Kyburz

5. Warman and CHRC v. Kouba (coming)

6. Warman and CHRC v. Western Canada for Us and Glenn Bahr (coming)

B.C. Human Rights Complaints

1. Harry Abrams v. Doug Collins and the North Shore News


Doug Collins foreground with Paul Fromm giving a cheque to Doug Chrisite background.

2. Charles Scott and the Church of Jesus Christ in Israel (coming)

Criminal Complaints

1. James Keegstra

2 CHRC and TOMASZ WINNICKI - Federal Court Reports

Other Complaints

1 Paul From and the Ontario College of Teachers


Paul Fromm at a neo-nazi Aryan Guard rally, Calgary, Alberta