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Click on the links below to access video resources explaining how people are recruited into hate groups and why they leave. More videos will be added as time permits. We will be adding interviews with Ernst Zundel, Christopher Brodsky and others. Also visit xeron123456 on YouTube for more video resources.

Women Against Hate

This is a a short excerpt from a documentary on how young women are recruited into hate groups and how some find the courage to leave. The complete documentary is available at along with other information and resources to combat racism and help youth and families recover.

Women Against Hate -- Emily Heinrich

Kerry Noble - Christian Identity

This is a a short excerpt from a documentary on how people are recruited into hate groups. In this clip, Kerry explains how his faith based group became a racist Indentity church and how ordinary people are recruited into doomsday domestic terrorist groups. Kerry Noble was second in command of one of the largest racist armed compound in the U.S. since World War II - the CSA. Kerry spent two years in federal penitentiary as a result of his involvement in CSA, but helped avert a bloody end to an FBI stand-off.

The Recruiters

This is a short excerpt of an interview with Charles Scott, then of the Church of Jesus Christ in Israel. On the day of the interview Scott was given an award by Aryan Nation at Hayden Lake, Idaho. This is one of several interviews conducted to help explain how hate groups recruit young impressionable men and women.

Goto xeron123456 on YouTube for interviews with Dan Sims of the Final Solution, and others to hear why young people join hate groups and what makes them leave.